Going Green...A statement...Our commitment                           




  • Our lighting in the plant and office has been switched with more energy efficient fluorescent bulbs and fixtures
  • Generate hot water through our use of re-claimer in our smoke stack
  • Counter flow water in all wash boxes to reduce the amount of water consumed
  • Re-claiming of certain chemicals for re-use
  • Use selections of Dyes for less impact on Waste Treatment




  • Use natrual gas to fire our boilers and equipment which leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment
  • Our tractor trailer is used to reduce empty miles by making deliveries of our products and picking up dyes, chemicals, and supplies on our return trips whenever possible




  • Recycle all of our used oils
  • Recycle cartons, tubes, plastic, and poly/burlap
  • Bale our rags, clips, burlap, seams, etc. to sell for recycling
  • Recycle cardboard and paper products
  • Recycle all scrap metal
  • Replace our ink-jet printers with networked laser printers which operate much more effeciently and has allowed us to gererate in-house forms and print in a one-step process
  • Provide many e-commerce solutions, to reduce and potentially eliminate unnecessary paper use




  • Educate our workforce on ways to reduce unnecessary waste and utilize production time more efficiently
  • Enlist ideas from co-workers and staff in becoming more effiecient and control waste




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